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Had first of 3 treatments. I'm 36 and have...

Had first of 3 treatments. I'm 36 and have always been a fan of preventative care. I have light wrinkles, and I'm fair complected with freckles. If you have fair skin, you will likely be a bit more burned/red. Treatment was very uncomfortable. Even with the numbing cream, I wondered if that is what it would feel like if I got a tatoo on my face.

Skin feels tight and bumpy. The bumpiness looks like someone depressed a brawny paper towel on clay and lifted it up.

I really feel like the staff and doctor witheld some of the hard facts about what to expect for fear I wouldn't commit. I was told I could go to work the next day. NOT! I recommend taking 4-5 days away from the public eyes. I also had to spend $90 for the cream they wanted me to use. I may have shopped around if I knew about it ahead of time. A little vunerable to be told what you need right as your face is on fire and you're trying to get home!

I am excited to see the results after this first treatment. If I'm satisfied enough, I may not go for the second. I definitely won't do a third. I may have a different tone when I'm a bit older, however.

I just got my first pixel treatment on Tuesday, was told I would look normal by Saturday ( the only day I work) it is Thursday night and I still look horrible, I had deep chicken pox scars so the nurse went very aggressive with my treatment. I think I'll still be hiding for another week :(
I'm using the vaseline but what is the $90 cream? I'll pay it if it will help me heal faster!

Hi All Thank God for this website!! I too was advised by the clinic I attended on Saturday that I'd be fit to go to work on Monday. It is now Wednesday and my skin is still really swollen and red with lots of crusty patches. I suspect it will be another week at least befor I look anywhere near normal again and it is hard at this point to judge what the results will be like when it all heals. It is good to know that others have had the same experience and it has all turned out ok. IN the meantime will keep up with the sunscreen, Cetaphil moisturiser etc and hope for the best.
I also want to ask you
did you spend 800 dolars for each treatment or everything?

I spend 2,300 usd for 3 treatments.
Dr. Metz

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