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IPL is Great if You Choose the Right Practitioner-Gainesville, VA

I've had IPL done on my face three times. I...

I've had IPL done on my face three times. I pay $325 each time. I have never been burned, and each time I get it done the brown spots on my face get lighter and lighter. In fact, right now my skin tone is so even, I don't know when I'll need IPL again... probably not until after next summer. My IPL is performed by an R.N., and my laser settings were determined by an M.D. I think that's the difference between people who get burned and people who don't -- their laser settings are too high. I would only have it performed by a doctor or nurse, but that's just me.

Hi, Would you mind sharing the name of the physician you used for IPL? I am somewhat close and looking for options. My email is cherylboswell1696@yahoo.com. I would appreciate any info you can provide. I am looking to have use IPL for broken capillaries on my nose. Regards, Cheryl
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The laser settings are determined by a doctor.

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