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Consider Carefully - Florida

I am 60 years old and looked like I was in my late...

I am 60 years old and looked like I was in my late 40s...but I had an extremely crepe-y neck.so I consulted with what I researched to be the best Dr near my area.. he recommended a chin implant,a neck lift and a mini lower facelift if I was going through all the expense.

The recovery has been very difficult and now I finally have a chin but it is asymmetrical chin (which he claimed was already there)but the bruises were off too right after surgery..He burnt a large hole in my neck and now I have a big scar. Some stitches pulled loose behind my ear and had to be redone (larger scars) and the worse is the lumpy area and discoloration in front of my ears (I am three months out from surgery)I also have a small dark discoloration on the skin (he claims is melanin triggered by surgery)right above the suture area below in the muscle.I also have scars and lumps on my chin I feel like a freak and the neck is already stating to crepe up again..Im not rich...so much pain...its better but only to me...no one has even said I look good...dont do it injectables are the way to go...

yes going to one in January...things could be worse but I will never have surgery on my faace again there is always a trade off....I think I will ask for an xray...thanks

Yes things could be worse, that's a great attitude to have,  it sounds like you are feeling a bit better, which I am so glad about. Seeing someone in January should be good. Just try to keep your spirits up, which I know seems impossible sometimes, but there are so many other great things out there for you. Keep me updated.


Thanks Britt,
The dr is stonewalling it...he will acknowledge nothing...Im so depressed I am seeing a therapist.. sherry
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