The Truth About Dermabrasion

It’s really hard to find the truth about...

It’s really hard to find the truth about dermabrasion online. It’s one of those great mysteries where you don’t find out what it REALLY is until you do it (like childbirth). Like, people just don’t realise how bloody, messy and painful dermabrasion is. The name makes sense – it’s like taking a sander to your face. But no one gets it. I’m not calling people stupid or anything, just that there is a glamourising of the info out there. I had this done so many years ago when it was the only choice for getting rid of acne scarring. Now there are many more options – peels, lasers, etc (Fraxel looks great). When I had dermabrasion done it was the only show in town. My derm recommended it and did it; great guy he was (retired now). He was very skilled and knew what he was doing. You can’t blame him for having the wrong tools, really. Anyway, I had the dermabrasion, the whole flinging blood and flying skin experience. Like a horror movie. This was before AIDS too, before flying blood was a major health issue. Now I don’t know how they get around this. I am curious but not enough to try again! Healing up took a long time. I was red and scabby for many, many weeks and when it had all healed up the acne scarring was still there! Nil difference at all! The scars are that deep that one treatment, any treatment, wasn’t going to cut it. The next step after years of waiting is for me to look into the Fraxel laser. I have heard miracle stories with this and am eager to try it!
I had dermabrasion done, yes. I would not do it again. It left a little bit of hypopigmentation but most importantly it left an unusual skin texture.
I had 6 Fraxel laser treatments. They were very painful and took a week to recover from each one. I did it to help reduce my acne scars and was very disappointed. I didn't see any results whatsoever. I am now looking at having the Dermabrassion done.
Agreed. Dermabrasion sounds great in theory but in actuality it does very little for acne scarring. Fraxel does nothing for acne scarring. If you have indented scarring, the only real solution is to have subscision. Do not waste your time/money with any other procedures. Don't believe that they will lower the surrounding skin to the level of the scarring because this simply does not happen unless you have VERY superficial scarring. If you have traditional acne scarring, there is no procedure that will lower the surrounding skin that much. Also, do not beleive fraxels claim to "stimulate collagen growth" because it simply does not happen with acne scarring. It just doesn't work. I know that you all are looking for the miracle cure, I was too but take this advice, be extremely careful, especially with the surface of your skin, (i.e. dermabrasion). Think of skinning your knee, now think of what the skin comes back looking like. Would you do that intentially to your face ? Obviously, the dermabrasion is more controlled but its the same idea. Once skin is cut, it will heal differently that traditional skin. You will lose your skin texture, not improve it. If you have indented scarring, ask for subscision with YAG laser. Also, be careful with punch exision because again, it sounds good in theory but will leave a scar behind which will still be indented. Trading one issue for another issue.
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