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Spare No Expense for Your Tummy Tuck

I had a tummy tuck and body lift six months ago. I...

I had a tummy tuck and body lift six months ago. I am now fully recovered and happy with my new body!

My best advice: Spare no expense! In most cases you are paying for TT out of your own pocket so I know this is hard, but save up until you have more than enough. I splurged on a great surgeon, aftercare center and all the comforts I wanted to have around when I healed (I bought some new games and crafts, etc). These things add up but it’s better to wait until your pocketbook can handle it.

I don’t recommend shopping around by price but by speaking to the different surgeons. Luckily I knew someone who had used my PS and then I followed that up with my own research and consultation. He was one of the more expensive surgeons in the area but it was never about price for me; I wanted this done right.

The surgery went smoothly and I recovered in an aftercare facility for three days. The nurses there were really helpful and knew what they were doing. This made the simple tasks I couldn’t do all the more easier. They were also able to adjust my pain medication when I needed a boost.

By the third day I was moving around somewhat and ready to go home. The rest of the week at home I stayed in bed for the most part. When I walked I couldn’t stand up straight! Besides, I didn’t have anywhere I wanted to go.

I was partially recovered after one month, able to get out of the house and do basic things, but it was six months before I was completely back to my normal activity level and happy with my shape. I am now down to a size 10 and may well lose more but more importantly than that it is flat. There is no more extra skin or hanging flab around my midsection. I am thrilled when I look in the mirror and really, really glad I got this done!

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Just came across this post and was wondering if everything got sorted out or if her bill did end up costing $47,000?
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There is nothing to say... It's just crazy!!
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My daughter had an abdominoplasty in the hospital. She stayed 2 nights. She was told her bill would be around $4,000. She just got the hospital bill for $47,000!!!! Someone, please tell me this is a mistake. 5 hr. of OR time: $38,000????? It's Saturday, so we can't call the business office.
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