Vitamin C + Retin-A

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Can I Use Retina A and Vitamin C at the Same Time?

I first apply Retina A gel, then apply a skin brightening product-I recently realized it contains a form of Vitamin C-is that OK? READ MORE

How to Balance my Skin Care Regimen with Retin-A?

Hello, im confused on how to balance my facial skin care regimen. In the morning i use acanya gel which has a mixture of antibiotic cream and benzoyl... READ MORE

Using Retin-A 0.1% and Vitamin C Together?

I have been using Retin-A 0.1% for a while, and loving the results. I also really like using vitamin c and was wondering if I can use vitamin c on top... READ MORE

Should I Go Up to 0.5 Retin A to Brighten my Skin?

I currently use 0.025% Retin A but my face and neck are about 2 shads darker than my chest, arms,etc. If I go up to Retin 0.5%, would that help... READ MORE

Can I Use Product Containing AHA and BHA and Also Topical Vitamin C While on Isotretinoin?

Have been on isotretinoin for five months. ance almost clear but left with scars. READ MORE

How do I incorporate lytera into my skincare routine when I am already using Retin-A and a vitamin c serum?

Do I apply one first and wait or can I apply both within a couple minutes? Will using lytera with the retinoid or serum reduce their effectiveness? READ MORE

Can I apply vitamin c serum after applying tretinoin microsphere gel, as a moisturizer?

After I applied the tretinoin microsphere gel, can I apply vit. c serum as a moisturizer? And, if I apply vit. c serum first, wait 20 minutes, then,... READ MORE

How Do I Layer AHA, BHA and Vit C Serum?

Hi Dr's I just started using AHA creams and BHA creams. I also just purchased Vit C serum. What should I use first. I cleans my face then put on... READ MORE

Can I Use Retin A in Conjunction with Kojic Acid and Vit C?

Can I use Retin A 0.5% with a cream containing Kojic acid and Vit C together at night? I've used them independently and not had any adverse reactions.... READ MORE

Vitamin C While on Retin-A Necessary?

I started using CRS 15% Vitamin C 2 a week brighten my skin, while on Retin-A.My skin felt a tiny bit stinging and redness upon application.... READ MORE

What best vitamin C would you recommend to be used in day while using Retin A in night for Indian skin?

I am 25 years old Indian origin girl with medium complexion. I currently use retin A with .025% concentration. I use aloe Vera gel for hydrating my... READ MORE

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