Exfoliation + Retin-A

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Is Exfoliation Okay While Using Retin-A?

I am using Retin A 0.05% on my face. Is it safe to exfoliate the skin while on Retin A? If yes, how many times a week is it recommended? Thanks, READ MORE

Is It Ok to Use a Clarisonic While on Retin-A?

I'm using Retin-A, and I know I'm not suppose to scrub my face. I was wondering if it is still ok to use my Clarisonic brush or if that is too... READ MORE

Will Retain-A be right for me? I have clogged pores.

I have stretched pores from oily skin and picking at clogged pores. It only got worse the more I picked and now it seems like my pores are always... READ MORE

I've Been Using Exfoliating Crystals to Try to Clear Dead, Flakes from Using Retin A. Is This Okay to Do?

I've been using Tretoin 0.025% for a very short time for a few fine lines. However, I've developed such severe drying, flaking &... READ MORE

Can I exfoliate and use face mask while using retin a? (photo)

My skin is prone to hyperpigmentation so I am religious with cleansing toning and moisturising. READ MORE

Retin-A with Exfoliants

Is it advisable to use retin a with a highly acidic & potentially irritating cream. It includes 5% kojic acid, 5% sepiwhite, & undisclosed... READ MORE

My skin is peeling from my Retin-A mirco gel .04. Can an exfoliate cure the peeling?

I just bought the Retin-A micro gel when recommended by my dermatologist, who recommended I use it every night since I have naturally oily skin.... READ MORE

Should I exfoliate while using Retin-A?

Iam currently using prescription strength retin-A does this take away the need to exfoliate or should I occasionally?what if iam mixing the retin-A... READ MORE

Can I use a self tanning lotion ( semi-permanent, lasts a week ) with RetinA cream?

Hi there, can I use a self tanning lotion ( semi-permanent, lasts a week ) with RetinA cream? I'm confused whether the cream will take longer to work... READ MORE

Is it okay to exfoliate while on Retin A and Minocycline?

I have been on minocycline for 2 and half months(almost done) and retin a. I have barely seen any improvement on my whiteheads/blackheads until now. I... READ MORE

How can I safely and effectively exfoliate when using Retin-A Micro 0.04%? I have somewhat sensitive skin.

I have been using Retin-A Micro for 10 weeks now for my acne. I am using it as prescribed: a pea-sized amount 20-30 minutes after cleansing with... READ MORE

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