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Retin-A Gel Vs Cream for Aging Skin?

I go to my dermatologist in 2 weeks. I have been using Tretinoin Cream (.05% Obagi) on my face to improve overall skin quality - texture, very fine... READ MORE

Can I Use Retin-A All Over My Face?

I want to start Retin A for anti-aging. Im 39 and have fine lines and wrinkles, particularly around my eyes. Can i use the product all over my face?... READ MORE

My Derm Prescribed Me Tretinoin .1% Cream, but I Have Retin a Micro .04% Gel, is There a Difference?

Can I use micro gel .04 instead of tretinoin cream .1%, is there any difference. READ MORE

Retin Micro vs the Cream

Does retin a miicro work just as well as the cream? I know its the same ingredient and less irritating but if that weree the case, why does every1 use... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Renova and Retin-A?

Is there a significant difference in anti-aging benefits with different strengths in either (.025-.1)? READ MORE

Is Retin-A Gel 0.01% the Same As Retin-A Cream 0.01%?

I am using Benzaclin gel in the morning as directed by my dermatologyst,and Retin-A cream 0.01% at night,but I insted got the gel. I was wondering if... READ MORE

Is Generic Retin A As Effective As Non Gereric?

I just read one doctors oppionion about strength and retin a , also , does gereric work and what is the best strength for a women in her 50;s??? READ MORE

Which Retin A Product Should I Buy?

I'm interested in other experiences with Retin A. Did you follow a specific diet? how old were you? (I'm 18, is that too young? and at the... READ MORE

Is Tretin X the same as Retin A?

My doctor remove me from the generic 0.1% to the brand tretin x 0.075%. You think this medicaiton tretin is good ? The first ime im going to used it .... READ MORE

Retinol vs. tretinon as an alternative?

I've used a retinol 1 % facial cream for several years. I'm considering using tretinon as an alternative from my demotologist. I'm curious, what is... READ MORE

Acne treatment

Hello.I would like to know if the treatment i am using at the moment is safe for my facial acne. In the morning i use garnier 2% Salycilic acid brush... READ MORE

ATRALIN Gel: How is Different from Other Retinoids and How Should It Be Applied?

I used Retin A for years but my skin was constantly irritated. I stopped for 3 months. I now want to use ATRALIN but is it as effective as retin A for... READ MORE

Best OTC Retinol: Roc Retinol anti wrinkle , Olay PRo-X or Neutrogena healthy skin anti wrinkle ?

I am looking for the best OTC Retinol , because I can't find Retin A or AVage or TAzorac. I am so confused. I am 33 , and need an anti aging cream .... READ MORE

Is there any difference between Retin A and Locacid?

I am thinking of using Retin-A but they don't sale that in my country so can I use Locacid instead? It has 0.05% tretinoin, 96% ethanol, macrogol 600,... READ MORE

Would Retin-A and Mederma for stretch marks have the same results when used on stretch marks?

I'm trying to reduce the texture, color and size of my stretch marks that about 8 months old that occurred during pregnancy. Would the results of a... READ MORE

Differin vs Retin-a, which would be best?

I've been using Differin .3 for a year for acne & anti aging - I've had good results except that I have developed a new problem of getting dry type... READ MORE

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