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Can Retin-A Stop Working Once Skin Has Developed a Tolerance to It?

I am 47, female, fair skin. I feel like I blew it back in 1984 when I was just 20 y.o. & first got a prescription of tretinoin for acne. MDs... READ MORE

Is Generic Retin A As Effective As Non Gereric?

I just read one doctors oppionion about strength and retin a , also , does gereric work and what is the best strength for a women in her 50;s??? READ MORE

Can I Use Retin-A in Conjunction with Sculptra

I plan to start a programme of sculptra in two weeks time. Can I use Retin A in conjunction with sculptra. If so should I wait until I see the effects... READ MORE

Does Retin-A stop working over time?

I am 52. I used Retin-A for 10 year and the crepe-y skin ( cross-hatching of fine lines and thinning of the skin) under my eyes disappeared. Then it... READ MORE

What can I use to help the flaking & irritation from Trentinoin (.05%) & what can I use to facilitate it?

Please advise: What can I use to help the flaking & irritation from Trentinoin (.05%) & what can I use to facilitate it? Thank you very much,... READ MORE

Is .04% Retin-A Micro effective for diminishing wrinkles?

I am 51 and was discussing anti-aging options with a dermatologist. He prescribed Retin-A Micro. When it arrived I saw that it was only .04%. While I... READ MORE

Is it worth using Retin A once every week for anti-aging?

48 yo Asian wo. Retin A 0.025% for 8 yrs by PCP for hormonal acne. Even after all this time I still only use it once a week because I peel post 3-6... READ MORE

Can Desoximetasone cream be used on Retin-A treated skin?

I occasionally use Desoximetasone to treat skin irritation from razor burn, etc. I have recently started using Retin-A on my face. Is it ok to use... READ MORE

Does Retin-A thin the skin over years of use? (photo)

I was just told by my board certified plastic surgeon that he no longer recommends Retin A as it thins the skin over time. I'm 53 and have used it... READ MORE

I'm 50 yrs, using clear and tretinoin in night and clear sunscreen in day. Neck and eyes? (photos)

How long should I continue this treatment. I used it for 2 yrs about 4 yrs back but then when i stopped my skin was dull and showed prominent signs of... READ MORE

Types of Retin A?

My dermatologist gave me a prescription for Retin A .1% gel microspheres. It is almost 2 times the cost of the no microshere type, is there a... READ MORE

I get ingrown THICK Grey & Black hairs with infected pores along w/Whiteheads & blackheads. What recommendations would you give?

50 year old white male w/thick beard. Always had issues w/acne & ingrown hairs but was able to keep clear w/Salicylic Cleanser & Pads until... READ MORE

When Can I Use Retin A After Microlaser Peel of 4 Microns?

I am 50 and had a microlaser peel of 4 microns 8 days ago. LOVE the results but need to find a new doctor because of move. When can I start using... READ MORE

Retin-A increases eye wrinkles? (Photo)

Hi, I started using Tretinoin 0.025% 10/15/14, 10 days ago and I have noticed more lines under my eyes and deeper. Please tell me should I stop using... READ MORE

I'm 47 male, got sick with fever. Now I have zits all over my face where I have hair. Why won't they go away?

I have been cleaning my face daily with cleaning products never had acne now I can't get rid of it the zits are mostly in places where hair grows my... READ MORE

What will fade red mark on face after rash (possible perioral dermatitis)?

I am 48 year old female with a small rash/breakout on one side chin. I have had a few breakouts on same side of chin before (went away just by... READ MORE

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