10 Days Post-op + Restylane

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10 Days Post Restylane Under Eyes. When Will They Heal? (photo)

I Had Restylane Under my Eyes 10 Days Ago but Still I'm Swollen and Have Bruises and Need to Know when They Will Go Away READ MORE

I Had Restylane Injections in my Lips 10 Days Ago. Its Gone! What Happened??

I was very satisfied when the procedure was originally done. Was swollen for a day or two and enjoyed my lips for another couple days. In the past 3... READ MORE

I Had Injection of Restylane in Tear Trough but Could It Have "Fallen" into Area Below Due to Gravity? (photo)

Upper-cheek area below lower eyelid and next to nose looks discolored, seems to have a slight vertical ridge and appears a bit swollen, and eye socket... READ MORE

It is 9 days after my Restylane injection in eye trough and I still have bruise. Will it go away? (photo)

Will this awful looking bruise go away? I have read about staining and now I'm INCREDIBLY nervous. It bruised immediately and the other bruises On... READ MORE

Restylane in Tear Trough Caused Dark Shadow? (photo)

I had restylane in tear trough 11 days ago. I had pretty bad bruising and swelling in the left eye. Both have subsided, but now I have a dark shadow... READ MORE

I had my tear troughs filled with 1 syringe of Restylane 10 days ago. I have a pad/ lump under my right eye. (photo)

I realize there is some swelling, but my other eye does not have this. Wouldn't swelling be equal on both sides? Is it over filled? READ MORE

How long does bruising take to go?

Hello, i had restylane in tear troughs... and then after 1 month i had a follow up appoint to put in more restylane as i was not satisfied as needed... READ MORE

HYALASE made my lips awful?

Hello, I had a juvederm filler into my lips as they were to big after 10 days I have the hyalase injections. The bad thing was that I had an allergic... READ MORE

Restylane 10 days ago. What is this mark? Is it a bruise from restylane? How long for it to go? (Photo)

Hi. I got restylane injections 10 days ago on my nose and lips. I now have a dark mark on the side of my nose above where the injection was (not where... READ MORE

One side of the face paralyzed. What can be done?

Hi, about 10 days ago I had restylane filling on the sides of my nose down towards the mouth and botox shots to 3 spots: between the eyes, under the... READ MORE

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