Volume Loss + Radiesse

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Will a Filler Like Radiesse Work to Fill Smile Lines on Cheeks? (photo)

I am in my late 20's and have had Radiesse for treatment of fat loss in my face before (tear troughs/naso labial area), namely as a result of... READ MORE

Is Radiesse a Good Filler to Take Care of Loss of Volume in Face?

Is it possible to inject Radiesse in front of the ears, the temples and in the back of the ear lobes, In order to get a natural look, with a face lift... READ MORE

My Hands 2 Weeks After Radiesse, Some Pain in Left Hand, and Lost Volume in Both Hands?

Right after treatment with Radiesse, the back of my hands looked plumper and smoother, but in the 2 weeks that have elapsed, I've lost much of the... READ MORE

Can I Have Radiesse for Hollows Due to Tooth Loss?

I am a 36 yr old Female. I had 3 upper molars extracted on my upper jaw 5 yrs ago and due to this I have a deep hollow on the left side of my face. It... READ MORE

What on Earth Happened Here? Discoloration From Radiesse? (photo)

I have lost volume in my face over the years and would like to have a filler place however am not comfortable w/Scultpra because it seems here its... READ MORE

Facial Movements with Radiesse Filler? (Male, 22 Years Old)

1 week ago had Radiesse injected on 1 side of my face that lacked volume. No swelling at all! It was along my cheekbone and my jawline. Two 1.5 CC.... READ MORE

How soon after Radiesse is injected, does it set? Can you manipulate the product after swelling goes down?

I had Radiesse injected to correct volume loss in my checks. On side looks perfect. The other side looks like the filler is uneven, in the wrong sot &... READ MORE

Radiesse is supposedly 70% carrier gel and 30% product...what has more product for the money?

I liked the Radiesse..after a month or so it seemed like I lost the volume I got immediately. Now putting some Voluma over same area. What filler has... READ MORE

More Radiesse or add in Restylane for volume loss in cheeks?

Nov/dec 2014 had 1 vial in each cheek for volume. After injection great but 2/52 later not as good. Should I have more Radiesse now or add in... READ MORE

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