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Will Radiesse Dissolve Faster if the Area is Massaged Frequently?

Radiesse was put across my upper lip (which I now know is not recommended). It has been 3 months. The line across my right upper lip is raised and... READ MORE

I've Read That Using a Vibrator Will Help to Break-up/smooth out Radiesse? Please Tell Me It's True!

Although embarrassing, I hope this is true. Despite going to a board certified FACIAL plastic surgeon (I also contacted the state to be sure he... READ MORE

Molding and Massaging Radiesse

How Long After Injection of Radiesse Can You Still Mold It? Ie. Pressing Down if There is Too Much on Bridge of Nose  READ MORE

Alternative to Massage for Radiesse Lumps?

I had a Radiesse injection 3 weeks ago and developed a lump under my eye. The doctor gave me a small vibrator to massage the area with but I have not... READ MORE

Will Radiesse Distribute Better if Massaged?

I was injected with Radiesse 9 days ago. My cheeks have too much volume. Will the bolme lower with massages given at the Doctor's office? READ MORE

Inflammation from Radiesse

Radiesse to the nose left me with a giant hump on the nose! It's been a few weeks and it hasn't improved. Massage makes it even worse and it... READ MORE

Squishing Radiesse Hump On Nose Not Working- What To Do?

My doctor tried to fill a small gap on the upper third of my nose with Rasiesse and it left a huge hump that surfaced after 2 weeks! The doctor... READ MORE

If I had radiesse injected into my nasal folds and cheeks, how much pressure can affect it? And how soon? (photo)

I received Radiesse then had a massage 2 days later and I am worried when I was face down in the face cradle that it could have shifted. It was an... READ MORE

Radiesse on cheeks. How can I make it last longer? Would another filler be better? (Photo)

I have had radiesse 3 times, every 6 months on the right side of my face. However it seems to metabolize really fast and I always go back to that... READ MORE

How important is massaging radiesse into my hand after injection and why?

I have had radiesse injected for the first time into my hands. I am happy with the results but the doctor said to massage my hands twice during the... READ MORE

I was overfilled by Radiesse. Is it possible I have an infection? Broken capillaries ? (photos)

R injected into bridge 1mnth ago. Initial swelling subsided. Now noticed swelling and redness.dr injected steroid .swelling going down.Also taking... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid of this oval lump under my eye after Radiesse Injections

I had the radiesse injections under eye (upper cheek) area to take the sucken and tired look away from my eye. My doctor recommended radiesse. My left... READ MORE

Can massaging the face two weeks after a Radiesse injection cause bad swelling?

I had a radiesse injection in both cheeks two weeks ago with more filler in the left cheek. The left cheek looked overfilled and larger than the right... READ MORE

Perlayne left my right side of mouth bulky and uneven....left side was done really great. Why such a difference? (photo)

Ok, so it's been about 7-8 weeks since I had a Radiesse injection to my pre jowl culpus. My doctor injected Perlayne next to my mouth, marionette... READ MORE

I had Radiesse in my hands and the veins still showing. Any suggestions?

She injected quite a few areas but did not lift the skin or massage it in. i'm not happy with the results and i'm seeing her next week for more filler... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to remove or reduce radiesse? (photos)

It's been 13 months since I had radiesse placed under my eyes. It has aged my face dramatically. My eyes look puffy the lines in my cheeks are more... READ MORE

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