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Radiesse to Widen a Thin, Long Face?

I Have a Thin, Long Face-can Radiesse Work in my Cheeks And/or Jaw Area to Widen Its Shape READ MORE

Why Do I Have Jaw (Toothache-like) Pain After Radiesse Injection?

I had 1.8 radiesse injected into my smile lines below my mouth. I had to have more on the left side and this resulted in considerable bruising on the... READ MORE

Fillers Applied in the Back of Jaw Bone?

Can a thick filler like Radiesse be applied in the back of the jawbone to temporarily pull and hold SEMI-SAGGY jowls? Crazy idea? Note that 7 yrs ago... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Be Used to Create a Stronger or More Square Jaw?

I've been considering mandibular angle implants for about a year now and thought a dermal filler, such as Radiesse, might be a good test run. READ MORE

Correct Jaw Bone Asymmetry with Radiesse or Something else? (photo)

Hello, I've noticed some years ago an asymmetry in my jawline, I realised while touching it than one angle is more angular than the other, the bone at... READ MORE

Radiesse As a Jaw Augmentation?

I have had an opinion from two surgeons so far regarding jaw implants, my goal is to improve my jaw width to my face. However both surgeons also... READ MORE

How Many Syringes of Radiesse for Jaw Angle Needed Would Vary Based on Starting Point?

Doctors on this forum such as Dr. Francis Palmer said that in his practice, a male needs 3 syringes of Radiesse for jaw angle "flare out" or... READ MORE

Is Radiesse or bone grafts the best option to treat facial asymmetry secondary to bone loss?

I'm 23. I think the right sided bone loss is from an infected untreated tooth. I don't chew on this side because of worn down teeth, sensitivity, and... READ MORE

How does Radiesse in the jaw area respond after a Jaw implant (Silicone mandibular augmentation)?

In October 2013 I've had a total of 3 cc Radiesse injected in the jaw area and now I want to make it permanant with a Silicone jaw implant, which is... READ MORE

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