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Slipped Cartilage Graft and Radiesse Problem

After surgery on tip of nose, a cartilage graft I had prior slipped out of place from the top bridge. It created a bump after it healed. My doctor... READ MORE

Large Bump on Nose After Radiesse: What are my Options?

Had radiesse injected into bridge of nose over 2 weeks ago and it travelled down my nose and created a huge bump close to the middle of my nose!The... READ MORE

Squishing Radiesse Hump On Nose Not Working- What To Do?

My doctor tried to fill a small gap on the upper third of my nose with Rasiesse and it left a huge hump that surfaced after 2 weeks! The doctor... READ MORE

Is It Possible For The Radiesse To Have Traveled Along My Nose Creating a Bulge?

It has been 4 month now since I was injected with radiesse along the folds on side of mouth. Next day I noticed a lump but thought it was just... READ MORE

How to Resolve Bump After Needle Injection? (photo)

Please help! I had Radissee injected on my nose bridge about 2 weeks ago (you can see the 2 injection sites on the attached picture). It left me... READ MORE

I Have a Hard Red Bump on my Chin (Radiesse Injected 1mo Ago). Spider Bite? (photo)

I have this hard red bump on my chin that kind of appeared out of nowhere. I had radiesse injected in my chin 1 month ago. I recently developed a cold... READ MORE

Should I Have Radiesse Injected into my NLF's Again?

I had Radiesse injected into my NLF's, shortly after, a small white lump appeared inside the right side of my upper lip. It's been six months and the... READ MORE

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