Yesterday I Had a Superficial Basal Cell Removed from the Bridge of my Nose. Plastic Surgeon Sent Me for Mohs Surgeon?

stitches placed inside nose to desolve and stitches outside to be remove in a wk. How long for healing to be fully completed? will this area heal well yes or no? What should I do to help with the healing process? thankyou

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Wound Healing and Final Result After Skin Cancer Surgery


As a general rule, it takes 6-12 months to reach the final cosmetic result following skin cancer surgery and repair. Some people would recommend use of a silicone based product such as BioCorneum or other item (e.g. Mederma). Best option is to follow up with your doctor. Each surgeon may have a slightly different recommendation as to what to do for wound care and what to do to give the best cosmetic outcome. Good luck.

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