What is wrong with my nose? (photos)

My nose is extremely crooked & I hate it! My right nostril is wider than my left nostril & it makes me look like a witch. I would love to get surgery so that both sides look like the left side of my nose. What kind of surgery would I require & about how much would it cost? I am 14 years old & have not finished going through puberty, so is my nose done growing? I am not sure if I have a deviated septum. I don't have trouble breathing, but I get colds & headaches often. Thank you so much!

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Rhinoplasty facts

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Dear Puurple,

The type of surgery that you would need is called a Rhinoplasty - Rhino- meaning "nose" in Greek and -plasty meaning "molded."  Rhinoplasty costs can vary depending on your specific situation and your location, but you should see a plastic surgeon for a customized quote tailored for you.  According to Realself.com's Treatments page, the average cost is $6,825.

I can see from your photos that there is some asymmetry, but it is not that noticeable.  As far as determining whether you have a deviated septum, you should consult with an board certified plastic surgeon or an ear, nose throat (ENT) specialist, who will best be able to diagnose you.  

All that being said, considering your young age and stage in life, I would not consider having a rhinoplasty until you have finished puberty.  The body goes through a considerable amount of change in these years and patience will usually pay off!  Hang in there!

Dr. Chung

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