Working out Before Surgery?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the procedure I will be having, prior to setting an appointment I have been doing some depth research. Something that I have read on is that fat can survive better if there is muscle. I am not a doctor so this is the reason for my question, by working out and increasing muscle mass prior to surgrey is this something that can help and/or be beneficial to the results in a patient? For my case specifically I will be looking at scheduling an appointment spring 2013.

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Working Out Before Brazilian Butt Lift


Thank you for your excellent question.  This is difficult to answer without more information, specifically, your current height, weight and exercise habits.  In general I recommend strength training to build gluteal (butt) muscle mass prior to surgery.  I think patients who are 10-15 lbs over their ideal weight have great results.  You have posed this question at a great time.  I highly recommend consulting your surgeon now so the two of you can customize a nutrition and workout plan several months before you intend to have surgery.

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