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Surgery to Lower the Brow Position on a Male?

I was wondering if there are any procedures to lower the eyebrow position?  I am male born with very high eyebrows, it looks like I'm constantly suprised. Also i have droopy eyelids, would bleroplasty reduce the distance between the eyes and brow? Thanks

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Lowering position of eyebrows


Theoretically it is possible, but would have to be done through a coronal approach with an attempt to push the entire scalp forward and downward. If you have droopy eyelids, make sure that you do not have any ptosis and just have traditional dermatochalasis of the lids. Yes, if you just have excess skin on the upper eyelid this can be removed through a lid blepharoplasty operation. 

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Reverse Browlift to Lower Eyebrows

This is a procedure I have actually done before- a reverse browlift. Essentially the concept is to free up the brows, usually through the endoscopic approach, and secure the brows at a more inferior position with the endotine screws. The result is a lower brow by as much as 1.5 cms.

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Congenital high eyebrow


It is impossible to say what you have or what I would do without a face to face examination or at least a photo. Surgery to lower the brow position in the absence of previous over done forehead lift is virtually unheard of. It just is not the way the tissue moves as part of the aging process.

It is more likely that your upper eyelid drooping is causing you to raise your eyebrow as accessory muscle to try and keep the eye open. Since the situation has been present since birth you really need to be examined in order to render an opinion as your case is definitely not the usual.

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Lowering brows in a male.


I would have to see your photos to advise you. We do this routinely on women who have had a poor browlift and have a surprised look.

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Lowering Eyebrow Position


Without photos, it is difficult to give you specific advice.  One quick method of lowering your eyebrows would be to have Botox Cosmetic injected directly over your brows.  However, this may make your droopy eyelids look works.  You may benefit from a combined brow and lid procedure, but the specifics would need to be based on your photos and clinic exam.  Good luck.

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