Will I Develop an Infection if I Get Implants After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had a Brazilian Butt Lift about 3 years ago, but now I feel that by butt is going back to its previous size. I told my surgeon I wasn't satisfied and I'd like to undergo another surgery, like get implants. He said I can develop an infection if I get implants after the butt lift. Is this true? Should I go for butt implants?

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Brazilian Butt Lift will not increase risk of infection for subsequent implants


A Brazilian Butt lift will not increase the risk of you getting an infection of implants that are performed at a later date. In fact, if the gluteal implants are placed properly, they should not interfere with the Brazilian Butt lift and should be placed in a different portion of your buttocks entirely. If your surgeon told you this, they may not be interested in performing the implants for you. I would recommend getting a second consultation at this time. Keep in mind that the risk for getting an infection after receiving solid silicone gluteal butt implants is significant and will require a significant commitment on your part postoperatively.

For more information on Brazilian butt lifts or butt augmentation, please schedule an iConsult or visit us online at the link below.

Web reference: http://www.miamiaesthetic.com/butt_augmentation_lift.htm

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Implants after Brazilian Butt Lift


I stopped doing implants years ago. Too many problems. I referred d patient of mine who wanted implants to a surgeon in Miami who is well known for specializing in Buttocks implants and they told her their complication rate for butt implants was running around 30%. And that's from someone who does them a lot!

Fat grafts to the buttocks are permanent when done well.

Check out the links below for the requirements to ensure success with fat grafting. Use that info when looking for a surgeon.

Web reference: http://www.cosmeticsurg.net/blog/2009/12/03/recipe-for-permanent-fat-injections/

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Buttock Implants and Infection Risk


The complication rate for buttock implants is , in my opinion, unacceptably high.  Furthermore, the more acceptable implant designs are not yet FDA approved for use in the United States.  The horror stories from buttock implant complications are real.  One of the biggest challenges is that once the implants require removal, then there is a space or pocket that is now empty in the buttocks and the buttock skin and tissue is now saggy and will never be the same again.  Fat transfer is a much better alternative.  While the survival rates of fat injection to the buttocks are unpredictable. With proper technique enough fat will survive to make a visual long term difference. The feel is natural and infection rates are low.  I to date have had not a single infection. 

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Is the Risk of Infection with Butt implants higher if I've had a Brazilian Butt Lift?


Hi there-

Buttock implant surgery does have a higher infection rate than other plastic surgery procedures, because the implants are foreign bodies, and because the surgery is occurring in an area of the body where more bacteria are present.

This risk, however, should not be any higher because you've undergone a Brazilian Butt Lift in the past. As long as good technique is used, the procedure should have an acceptable risk for you (assuming you are otherwise healthy).

Web reference: http://www.DrArmandoSoto.com

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The butt lift makes no difference in infection rate


Whether or not you have had a previous buttocks procedure should not make a difference in your infection rate for future procedures. Unless, of course, you have an ongoing infection for some reason.

I hope this is helpful.

David Shafer, MD
Shafer Plastic Surgery
New York

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Buttock Implants and Infection Risk


While the infection rate is quite high for the butt implant procedure, this rate should not go up after the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure unless there is an existing infection. The Brazilian Butt Lift is the preferred option for butt augmentation for most surgeons due to increased effectiveness and safety. You may want to consider undergoing another Brazilian Butt Lift with an experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeon. 

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Gluteal implants and Brazilian Butt Lift


Gluteal Implants can be placed simultaneous to a Brazilian butt lift or as a staged procedure. Butt implants in general have a higher rate of infection in general but if done by a well qualified and board certified plastic surgeon chances are more than likely you will do well. The recovery from gluteal implants is much longer and more restrictive than the Brazilian butt lift. Make sure you have a complete informed consent. 

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Buttock implants infection risk


Hello. The infection risk is pretty high with implants. I would recommend you visit with your surgeon and see if you are candidate for another brazilian butt lift. If you are not satisfied with his opinion seek another  board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in butt augmentation. Best of luck.



Web reference: http://www.jaimeperezmd.com

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Brazilian butt lift results


A Brazilian butt lift should last forever and the size of your butt should not significantly decrease in size within the first three weeks.  This might be a secondary effect due to a poorly executed procedure and/or that you did not have enough fat to accomplish your desired goals.

A butt implant is an underrated option that has a specific role in butt augmentation. There is certainly a higher degree of infection and implant exposure depending on the technique used to insert the implant. In addition, a butt implant does not address all the factors of creating a youthful appearance. It only increases the projection of the butt and does not create a curvy figure like the Brazilian butt lift.

Web reference: http://www.babygotbutt.com

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Butt implants


I am not an advocate of butt implants with or without a previous Brazilian butt lift.  I'n not sure if you are more susceptible to an infection or not but I have not been impressed with the long term results of implants.  Another fat transfer would be a better alternative in my opinion.


Tal Raine MD

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