Wider based breast and lipo revision? (photo)

I had a BR & I'm 4 months po. My left appears to be fuller & sits up higher whereas the left has dropped. My ps said it is wider based/larger & he should have removed more breast tissue. He is willing to correct the problem. I chose to have a revision in December via liposuction. Will lipo help this wider based breast?

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Breast Reduction and Revisionary Concerns?

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Thank you for the question and picture. Your concerns are understandable; if your goal is to “narrow” the wider breast, this may best be done by removal of additional skin/tissue directly. Liposuction surgery alone may not be sufficient.

I would suggest that you communicate your goals carefully with your plastic surgeon in front of a full-length mirror; this careful communication will be key in allowing the formulation of an appropriate treatment plan.

Best wishes.

Liposuction of breast asymmetry

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Liposuction of the breast will decrease the volume but will not narrow the breast width. For volume asymmetry it seems reasonable.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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