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How Can I Whiten my Teeth Without Hurting my Gums?

2 months ago i went to the clinic to whiten my teeth. The doctor has already made a mold for my teeth & about 20 minutes to the start of the procedure i couldn't handle the excruciating pain. The doctor stopped because the pain was like lightning hitting my jaws. the doctor told me to go home & wait for few days & prescribed some pain killers. I went back to complete the process under a great deal of pain. after we finished, My teeth aren't the color i want & blisters were all over my mouth.

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Whiten Teeth Without Hurting Gums

It sounds like the bleaching gel got all over your gums. NOT supposed to happen.

Why don't you try some Crest Whitestrips, over-the-counter, and follow directions carefully. If that works and you still want lighter, then go to another ZOOM provider that knows what he's doing.

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