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How to Treat White Scars on Nipples and Legs?

I have white scars around my nipples from augmentation and on my leg from mole removal. Ive gone to several PS and I just cant give up. White scars slightly raised, really bad looking on my breast. Ive seen the results of tattooing and I do not like them, that has been the only thing recommended to me. is there nothing that can slightly stain the skin, I can do it everyday thats not an issue. I put scar treatments on them 3 times a day for the last 1 year and 1/2. tried: silicone sheet, silicone gel, paper tape, just about everything wishing i never got implants please help

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Areola scars


Sorry the only choices are scar revision which will probably give you the same result, or tattooing. 

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