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Which Should Be Done First: Braces or a Tooth Implant?

I need to get a tooth implant. I also need braces. Which should be done first? Or does it matter? Appreciate your help, I am "so confused".

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Braces before implant except.....


It is best to complete orthodontic treatment first before implants are placed. The only exception is if the orthdontic treatment does not involve the teeth surrounding or opposing the implants. For example, some patients only require orthodontic treatment to align the front teeth while the back teeth are not changed. If patient has a missing tooth in the back, it can be placed earlier. This can be verified by the orthodontist.

The other exception is when a dental implant is placed as anchor to help the orthodontist with certain teeth movements. A close collaboration between the orthodontist, the restorative dentst, and the surgeon placing the implant can help design a precise treatment plan.

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Braces usually precede implants not always


Depending on the situation, usually braces should preced implants.  If you think of teeth as pins in a bowling alley you want them all set just right.  It is easier to gauge where any one specific pin goes if all the others are in the right place.  Usually, it is best to set the natural teeth where you want before you put an implant because the teeth can move within the bone and an implant can't.  An implant fuses with the bone in a way that it doesn't move like teeth do.

However, in some situations it may be part of the strategy to do implants first and then the braces.  Implants can provide anchorage once they have fused with the bone.  Strategically placed implants can act as posts that the natural teeth can be pulled towards or away from.  Implants can make braces go much faster and have been credited with "changing the paradigm of othodontics".

I apologize if this is confusing, but in summary, depending on the situation implants may be indicated before or after braces.

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Implants or braces first?

This is another classic "it depends" answer.  Every dental implant and orthodontic case is different, with varying conditions, and goals for the outcome.  Most often, however, it is best to move the teeth to an ideal position (orhodontics) creating the appropriate spaces and anatomy, then place the implant.  However, it is quite common that dental implants are used as anchors for the orthodontic treatment, and of course in those cases the implants are placed first.
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Orthodontics and Implants


Hi there,

I understand your confusion but the answer is really simple. You should go for orthodontics first.

Implants are something fixed in the bone  and they cannot move at all as they lack what is called as periodontal ligament which is present in natural teeth. So the braces should be done before and the implants should be done last.

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Braces Are Almost Always Done First


In most cases braces are at least mostly completed before implant placement.  If the orthodontic treatment is nearing completion and a patient needs a posterior implant, then I will sometimes have the patient get the implant placed so healing can begin as the braces are getting ready to be removed, but that would require an ideal position with no further movement needed in the impant area.  It is not a good idea to have an impant placed an then try to move teeth around it.  You always treatment plan these cases with the end in mind prior to beginning them so everyone knows exactly what you are trying to end up with.

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Usually, braces first before implant


One important thing to note is that an implant cannot be moved orthodontically. Therefore, generally, treatment should be directed to position all of your teeth so that the implant can be fit to the rest of your teeth instead of having your teeth move to fit your implant. Otherwise, you may find that your implant does not line up with the other teeth after straightening your teeth. t times, roots of the teeth may start off being tipped into the implant space and require "uprighting" to allow got implant placement.

The exception is in situations where the implant may be a useful anchor to help move the other teeth and can be placed the final desired location. Communication between your orthodontist and implant team is important to establish the final locations of the teeth to allow for proper placement of the implant and restoration.

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Braces Dental Implants


Orthodontics, or Braces, moves the position of the teeth through the jaw. Ideally the teeth should be in their final position prior to placing a Dental Implant. This will guarantee ideal function and better esthetics.

 The restorative Dentist placing the crown on the implant will have a better chance of creating a lifelike tooth if the Orthodontist, Implants Doctor, work with him/her to create the ideal site for a tooth. It is important that the braces remain on until all agree that the space required is adequate for the new tooth.

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Orthodontics before Dental Implants usually


Ususally is it wise to have orthodontics performed prior to implant placement to make the space for the implant as ideal as possible.  There are some exceptions to this , but the majority of the time ortho is done prior to the implant placement for ideal results.  Seek the advice of you restoring dentist to see ehat is the best option for yourself

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Which Comes First: Implant or Braces?


The majority of the time  you should have the teeth moved into place orthodontically before having an implant placed.  The orthodontist will move the teeth into an ideal position giving you improved aesthetics, an ideal occlusion (bite), and maintaining ideal space for your implant.  Following braces you can have the implant placed and a retainer will be made to maintain the space until you are able to have a crown.  Good luck. 

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Braces first


Usually it is best to do the braces first so that all the teeth can be in their ideal, aligned position before the implant is placed.  That will also allow the most ideal placement of the implant since it can be angled exactly as it needs to for that space.  However, if there is not significant movement of the teeth next to the space where the implant will be, then maybe the implant can be placed and start its osseointegration process (healing of the bone to the implant.)  Often times, oral surgeons recommend allowing an implant to integrate for 3-4 months before placing a final crown.  Some patients appreciate allowing the implant to finish healing during braces, so that once the braces are off, the implant is ready to restore!  

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