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When Will Smart Lipo Scars Start Fading?

After getting Smart Lipo, I'm wondering, how long before the scars from the incisions start to fade? Are they permanent?

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In general, scars will fade with time

In general, scars will fade with time. It may take up to a year or more to obtain your best results. We usually advise our patients to apply Vitamin E, Vaseline, Scar Guard, etc. It is typically prudent to use good sunscreen with a high SPF for three or more months. Very seldom, is scar revision required.

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Scars are permanent

Scars are permanent. Unfortunately there is no way to make an incision that does not scar (at least not outside of prenatal surgery). Once an incision is made a permanent scar will be the result. Typically scars mature over a six month period.

There are treatments that can be used to minimize scars including appropriate application of new over the counter medications like Mederma and ScarGuard. Silicone sheeting can also be used to minimize the appearance of scars and is particularly helpful in people who have hypertrophic scars.

For issues with contour, steroid, re-excision or fat grafting can improve the contour. For issues of pigmented scars there are several treatments that can improve the look including dermabrasion and laser.

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Scar fading

Like with any liposuction device the small "stab" incisions usually heal very nicely and take about 1 year for the redness in the scars  to fade.

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