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When Starting a Second Course of Accutane, Does the Dose of the First Course Still Counts?

I am about to start a second course of accutane, in the past (first course, 4 years ago) I was on 30 mg per month for 6 months. I kept me clear for about 3,5 years. Now it came back (less severe) and am about to start a second course, however my dermatologist told me that 3/4 months of 30 mg should do it, he says the first course still counts. The first course I had 5400mg in total and this course then 3600mg, he comebines them which is 120 mg per kg (I weigh 72 Kilos). Was wondering if enough?

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Second courses of Accutane

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Well, the Accutane isn't in your system anymore, but what he means is that you don't need as high of a strength or as much medication since your acne isn't as bad as it was for the first round. Accutane courses depend on: weight, and location and severity of acne, so all things considered, you should be just fine to go with a lower dosage. Plus, you can always take it for longer if needed.

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