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When Can I Shower After Tynamoplasty with Incesion Behind Ear?

I had type two tynamoplasty and have a incesion behine my ear. When can I wash my hair?

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Shower after Postauricular Incision


Your surgeon would be the best resource for specific information in regards to your case.  Most incisions are "water tight" 24-48 hours after the procedure.  Every practice has specific guidelines on the type of soap, shampoo, etc that is recommended post procedure.  In general, a milder soap / shampoo combination is best.  

If a drain was placed in the incision, your surgeon may have you wait longer to shower.

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Showering after Surgery?


Your surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to postoperative instructions. He/she knows exactly what procedure was done and how you are progressing. Remember that he/she is ultimately responsible for the care;   best to follow his/her advice as opposed to online consultants'.

 Best wishes.

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