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When Would Scarring Occur with Laser Hair Removal?

My main concern is the risk of scarring as I scar very easily. I have medium tan latina skin and dark hair. The area that I want to have hair removed is around the areola. I may do a small area the first time to get an idea of how my skin would respond to the laser. If scarring were to occur, how long after the laser treatment would it happen? Does scarring occur right away or is there a delay in the time that it could occur?

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Hello, thanks for your question!

Hair removal around the areola can be done quite safely- I would recommend a spot test because the skin is so thin near the areola. Your laser operator should properly cool the area before using the laser- this is the BEST way to AVOID BURNS which cause SCARRING. You would notice a change in your skin, if burned, on that day and the scarring would develop in a few days. This is generally avoidable if proper cooling and precautions are taken. All laser procedures in our office are done by board-certified physicians to ensure the highest level of safety to our clients.

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