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When to Quit Accutane?

I had severe acne for about two years then my dermatologist put me on accutane. After completing 3 months my skin has vastly improved, just leaving the scars. I'm now going to college and because of a change in insurance, I won't be able to complete the 5 month course. Will my acne come back with that much severity? I'm an 18 year old female talking 60mg/day

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Accutane Treatment


Thank you for your question.  If Accutane is taken without reaching your goal dose, the results will be subtherapeutic.  There is a higher chance that acne can recur.  It may or may not be of the same severity.  You will also need maintenance with skin care products, under the supervision of a Board Certified Dermatologist there will be less chance of flare ups while you are in college. 

I hope this helps.

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Accutane Durable Remission


In most patients, Accutane provides a durable remission at a total dose of 120mg/kg for the entire treatment course if the daily dose is 1mg/kg/day.  This can vary for each patient but typically amounts to taking 5-7months of accutane at 60-80mg/day.

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