When Performing a Capsulectomy Would It Be Prudent to Replace with the Original Implants? Or Should New Ones Be Used?

Had BA March '07 silicone 360cc Devlpd CC (messaged faithfully) Tried Accolate Still worsened. Capsulectomy May '10 original implants used. Fantastic! Devlpd 2nd CC. Capsulectomy June '12 original implants reused again. Same dr. Results NOT good. Lost breast tissue. Lots of ripples. Breast feels empty & implant folds palpable. Had 2nd opp. Dr was VERY surprised that implants were reused. Did CC chances increase w/ implant reuse? Original dr never explained that risk. Only Board Cert docs used

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Capsular contracture


My favorite thing to do for capsular contracture is to add Strattice to line the pocket following capsulectomy. The reccurrance rate has been extremely low, and it can help with rippling as well.

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This question is an excellent one but does not have a definitive answer


The question of reusing the same implant after capsular contracture is a good one.  While intuitively, using a new implant seems to be the better answer, there is no data to back this up.  The reason is that there is no definitive answer as to why capsular contracture occurs in some women.  Certainly, there are some known culprits like bleeding, hematoma, and micro-contamination during surgery i.e. bacteria in breast tissue and ducts.  But, in some women, capsular contracture occurs without any of these factors.  So, I don't think that you can definitively say that reusing the same implant after capsular contracture is released was somehow the wrong thing to do.

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Would not reuse implants when treating capsular contracture with surgery.


One theory is that capsular contracture is sometimes the response to a "biofilm". This has yet to be proven but it is a definite possibility.  Since the biofilm is on the implant, it would be imprudent to use it again if you buy into the biofilm issue.

Web reference: http://www.zubowicz.com/subpag,13-atlanta-breast-augmentation.htm

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