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When Are You No Longer at Risk for Wound Separation?

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Wound care instructions following a breast reduction


Usually be 2 - 4 weeks you should be fine as far as wound separation after a breast reduction.  Continue to follow your plastic surgeons advice and wound care instructions.

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Incision Line Healing Problem after Breast Reduction?


Thank you for the question.

Generally speaking, once you have reached the 6 week mark postoperatively it is unlikely that you will experience any incision line separation or wound healing problems.

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You can exercise freely 3 weeks after breast reduction.



This is the question women are most interested in.  When can I exercise?  If your scars look solid at three weeks, you won't get wound separation.

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You should wait at least 2 weeks


Initial two weeks you need to be very careful as your wounds can easily separate.  After 6 weeks your wounds are at 60% of their strength and at 1 year you level off at 80%.  At 6 weeks your wounds are strong enough that you don't have to worry about separating the skin edges.

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