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Choosing a Doctor: Common Questions Patients Ask in Consultations

curious what people ask you before choosing you for cosmetic treatment

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If I were your family member, what would you suggest I...

  • If I were your family member, what would you suggest I do to improve my appearance? Everyone should be treated as such and it is good to keep that in mind during the consultation.
  • How many of these procedures have you done? This is an objective and straight forward way to assess a surgeon’s comfort level with the procedure of interest.

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Do you have examples of your work in a portfolio? It is...

Do you have examples of your work in a portfolio?
It is very important to see actual examples of cosmetic work carried out by your cosmetic dentist to ensure you are happy with the quality and style of smiles they create.

Have you had postgraduate training in cosmetic techniques?
Basic dental training does not adequately cover the intricacies of smile design; therefore you should ensure your cosmetic dentist has acquired the necessary training to provide your dream smile.

Which ceramic laboratory / technician will be used?
This is very important - only by using the most gifted/artistic ceramists can you ensure you will receive the level of results you aspire to. Your smile is born from a 50/50 partnership between dentist and ceramist.

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Common Consultation Questions

The range of questions can be quite vast.  However, they are generally focused on the experience/expertise of the surgeon, the safety of the facility, and the quality of the anesthesiologist and medical staff. It is important for a patient to feel comfortable subsequent to a consultation, and know that the surgeon understands your life stage, lifestyle, and goals.

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My clients often ask me what they can do to reverse some...

My clients often ask me what they can do to reverse some of the physical and visible signs of the aging process, and my immediate response is "daily sunscreen."

Sun blocks are not all created equal. A minimum of SPF 30, or 45 if closer to the equator, should be used and it should be a broad spectrum, protecting you from UVA and UVB rays. Make sure you apply product 15 to 20 minutes before exposure to the sun! These basic principles should be taught to our children early, as the effects of sun damage are progressive and cumulative throughout life.

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