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What Can I Do to Reduce Sensitivity in my Teeth?

I have sensitive teeth and it hurts to eat certain types of food. What can I do about tooth sensitivity?

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Sensitive teeth

I usually start by recommending Sensodyne toothpaste, which may take some time to work. If Sensodyne doesn't help, then fluoride desensitizers are the next step, and there are various other desensitizing products that can be placed on the teeth in the dental office. In cases where there is wear along the gumline ( called an abfraction or sometimes toothbrush abrasion), placing a bonded composite filling can end sensitivity.

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See your dentist for an exam and x-rays.  Your sensitivity may be due to tooth decay.  If not, try using Sensodyn toothpaste to help alleviate the sensitivity.  Best, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian.

Elizabeth Jahanian, DDS
Los Angeles Cosmetic Dentist

There are a few products you can use to reduce teeth sensitivity

An easy thing to try is Sensodyne toothpaste, which has potassium nitrate in it, something that helps reduce sensitivity.

There are also some products that a dental professional can place on your teeth, such as varnishes and other desensitizing agents. These generally will wear off over a 4-6 month span, but many patients like to simply have these applied at each cleaning.

Ask your dental professional what options are best for you and give them a try!

Clinton Timmerman, DDS
West Des Moines Cosmetic Dentist

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