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How Do I Get Rid of Laser Scarring, Melasma, and Hyperpigmentation? (photo)

As you can see I'm dealing with A LOT of issues on my face. To get rid of melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation I decided to do 2 photofacials (Candela laser I believe) earlier in the year. It left me with 2 burns on my upper cheek and did nothing for my melasma. I've tried hydroquinone and had no luck. I use to feel pretty but now even with loads of makeup I feel unattractive. I don't have a lot of money to spend. Thx!

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Scarring, pigmentation, melasma


You do have a lot of issues going on, so I hope you're under the care of a dermatologist that you trust and have a good rapport with. There are many options to review, from topical therapies (e.g. Obagi NuDerm, Lytera), to chemical peels (medical-grade), to lasers and light-based devices. Sunscreen and sun avoidance is ofcourse critical as well. With time, and the right dermatologist supporting you, no doubt things will improve. ~ Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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Treatments for Melasma


I use lasers (1927nm - Fraxel Dual laser and the Spectra 1064nm Q-Switched) frequently for stubborn cases of melasma, but when using any laser or light device there is a risk of PIH, especially if proper sun protection and concomitant lightening agents are not used. I would be evaluated by a Board-certified dermatologist specializing in laser surgery for further evaluation and treatment.  The melanage peel has also shown to have nice results in melasma patients.

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For melasma, I would not recommend having a photofacial treatment.  Instead, try to increase the percentage of hydroquinone cream and combine it with Retin-A.  I would also encourage you to wear a good sunscreen as well. 

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Hydroquinone for Melasma


Hi Patricia.  Whomever offered you IPL for your condition is not a very good clinician when it comes to Melasma.  We have seen hundreds of patients for Melasma, many of whom have had their Melasma worsen with IPL treatments.  

We use a compounded and liquid version of 8% hydroquinone, which works very well.  We have had good success even with severe cases like your own.  Try to find a practitioner around you that uses high strength HQ.  Good luck.

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