Weird Swelling After Otoplasty (3 Weeks)? (photo)

Hello, I have had an otoplasty, it was 3 weeks ago, and there was a large swelling at the top of my ear. it has gone down now, but it seems to have left an outwards bowl. I can bend it back in to place, but it comes right back out. is this permanent? Also, will my ears come out more? feel the Anti-helix shows more than the Helix. (The Plastic surgeon who did the operation I am no longer able to see. ENT have told me I have no infection or blood in it, but will not help me any further.)

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Weird Swelling After an Otoplasty


If you have had an evaluation and this is not fluid, then it must be due to bowing of the cartilage. It has only been 3 weeks, so I would give it some more time. If it does not resolve over the next month you will need to see another surgeon experienced in otoplasty to take a look at it. Ultimately it may require more surgery. 

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