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Is a weird noise normal 5 days post op while massaging?

I am 5 days post op and started to massage my implants. I have the Natrelle ones and on my left side, up near the top closer to the bone, I am noticing a weird sound almost like crinkling paper. Is this normal?

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Noise in breast after augmentation


It is frequent to have some noise in the breast after breast augmentation. This comes from air in the pocket that we make to put the breast implant in. After the pocket is opened there is some air in there along with the breast implant. If you start massage or move your arms around you can often hear a "squishing" sound or what we call crepitance. This usually starts after a few days and can last a week or so. The body absorbs all of the air around the implant (this is NOT dangerous) and the sound goes away.

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Is a weird noise normal 5 days post op while massaging?

I have heard of several women reporting this same type of event and it has always gone away over a short period of time. Keep doing your exercises and follow up with your surgeon on schedule.

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