Weight Loss After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

If I get a brazilian butt lift done and then I lose weight, what happens? Will my buttocks go away and then grow again when I gain weight? Also, what happens if I get a BBL and then begin running again a few months later? I am worried I'll run it off! Thank you.

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Brazilian and weight loss

Remember the Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction and fat injection. When you do this procedure you are taking fat cells from those problem areas where you gain weight 1st and lose weight last. The stubborn spots that even when you exercise will not go away. So now you've taken those fat cells and put them in the buttocks and the buttocks will become that stubborn place where you gain weight 1st and lose weight last.

So exercising only makes you look better because your waist will get smaller before your hips and just make you more curvy. Don't be afraid of exercise and weight loss.

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Fat tissue in BBL will grow and shrink

Fat tissue transferred with the Brazilian butt lift will grow if you gain weight and shrink if you lose weight just like any other fat tissue in any other part of your body.  The fat will not move or disappear once it has "taken residence" in the area.

Exercising is not a problem, but just like all the other fat tissue, if you lose weight exercising the fat tissue in your butt will shrink.

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Weight loss affect results of brazilian butt lift

How your results are affected depend on your body. Where do you tend to store fat? For example, if you store fat in your thighs and hips, losing a lot of weight might adversely affect your results. Another question to ask is by how much does your weight go up and down? While minor changes in weight may not affect your results, larger fluctuations could.  

Does weight loss affect the results of the BBL?

Weight gain or loss may affect the BBl results. But I find that if the weight loss is not excessive, and if if it's gradual the effect is not very significant. In fact, I advise my patients who lack sufficient donor fat for the BBL to gaing about 15-20 pounds which they can lose after the surgery. I encourage my patients to exercise withour fear of losing the transplanted fat.

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Fatty belly tissues have own genetic memory

fat  tissue extracted from the belly and  around it normally have a genetic  memory that explain why even the patient loose  weight the  seize and shape from the buttocks keeps always the same, by the  contrary if any patient  gain weight ( increase her weight)  this fat increase  their seize and volume, hope  this answer  your worry , so the human being biology i is perfect


If you get butt implants these problems do not exist. Butt implants do not disappear. Moreover, fat transfer , many times do not survive or the amount that remains is small and disappointing. Look for an experienced board certified plastic surgeon who perform butt augmentation with implants. Good lock.

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