How Much Weight Fluctuation Would You Allow Ideally to a Patient Who Had Fillers?

I plan to do cheek fillers (Sculptra or Radiesse) and i already had juvederm Ultra for nasolobial folds. I was wondering about weight. My weight fluctuates a bit throughout the month about 5 lbs. Should i really make an effort to make it more stable? i am pretty thin closer to lower boundary of acceptable BMI range and super healthy. fluctuations are caused by salty food, final exams etc and normally i just don't focus much on keeping stable weight as far as it looks and feels great

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Is there an ideal weight for fillers? Ask Dr Ellen

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Hello Dalila80,

Sounds like you are managing your weight very well.  Enjoy the fillers!

Thanks for asking!  Dr Ellen

Westport Plastic Surgeon
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Concern about Weight Fluctuation and Fillers

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              Given your healthy weight and minimal weight fluctuation, you would be a great candidate for fillers.  Patients who lose a large amount of weight may need more filler.  Also people who have weight fluctuations of 20 lbs or greater may need more filler.

Weight fluctuations and fillers

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If your weight is fairly stable, then it should not be a problem. 5 lbs is not a huge spread. Good luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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