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Is Three Weeks Enough Time to Recover After Having the Nasal Bone Rasped?

I would be getting about 2 mm rasped off my dorsal hump and a slight bump on the left side of my nose rasped. The surgeon said it would be an endonasal procedure and that this would be sufficient time to recover, but I just wanted a second opinion.I have been wanting this procedure for a while now but the surgeon's only opening is next friday, a mere three weeks before I go back to college. Is this enough time that I can recover enough (swelling and bruising go down enough) to be unnoticeable?

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Recovery after rhinoplasty

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Sounds like this is plenty of time for the limited procedure to heal and for you to get back to school.  Avoid any activities that might lead to trauma to your nose such as a pick up basketball game, as an example.

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