5 Weeks Post Upper & Lower Tummy Lipo and Little to No Results, Very Discouraged at This Point?

I am 5 weeks post upper and lower tummy lipo and looking at my before and after pictures I see very little difference. My Dr is board certified and he uses the tumescent technique. I am 5'6" and weigh 160 pounds. I wore my compression garments 24/7 for the first 3 weeks and now I wear it about 12 hours a day. My Dr also has me using Retin A to help with my stretch marks although I do not really have that many but he says using this will make the skin look better. I had a total of 2400ml's removed.

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Overweight Results

You may be expecting too much of liposuction. Since you are overweight, more emphasis should be placed on diet and exercise.

Have you seen a nutritionist/dietician lately? Also, any recent coaching on exercise?

Good luck and know that these type changes will make you much healthier and feel better also.

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5 weeks post liposuction

At five weeks post liposuctin you may still be very swollen and this the results will be masked.  Give it 3-4 months.

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Discouraged 5 weeks after liposuction

I tell my patients that it takes 6 weeks for the majority of your swelling to resolve, and up to 6 months to see your final result.  Before and after photos are indispensible, because sometimes people forget what they looked like before the procedure.  I would suggest discussing this openly with your physician and give it more time to see your final results.  Good luck!

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5 week



After liposuctions it takes 6-9 months for you to be able to see the final results. You are still swollen and wearing the compression can help with that. After 9 months if you still see no results you should consult with your PS.



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5 Weeks Post Upper & Lower Tummy Lipo and Little to No Results, Very Discouraged at This Point?

Swelling can persist for 6 months and sometimes up to 1 year following liposuction.




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