6 Weeks Post Op Liposuction Uneven Flanks and Swelling and Bloating?

I'm 6 weeks post op liposuction of my abs, flanks, hips, inner thighs. I also had breast revision to correct my cc and exchange for bigger breasts. I'm concerned that my flanks are uneven and still get bloated and swollen most days. I am walking 30-40 mins on treadmill and Pilates w/ light weights. When will the swelling and bloating get better and will my flanks even out?

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Too early to judge liposuction results

Asymmetry after liposuction is normal.  Without photographs it is hard to comment. I would continue to follow instructions and give it time. 

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Uneven Flanks

Without photos, I would not want to comment. Duration of swelling is extremely variable. Expect resolution by 3-6 months.

All the best. 

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