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5 weeks post lipo+full TT - is it fat or swell? (photo)

I'm 5 weeks post lipo+full TT. I know I have to wait for couple of weeks to see final result. But I see 100s of 4 weeks post n see a flat firm shape with swelling sometimes. But mine doesn't look tight at all. Please advise - - is it fat or flab? - is my skin/tummy tightened enough? - my belly button is all wrinkled and looks closed unless I pull apart - honestly I dont see any flatness at all like tons of girls online even 4 weeks post? Thanks a million in advance!

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Swelling vs fat


Good morning!

looking at your photos, it does seem that you have more fullness now than in oyur immeidate post op photos. I would let your PS evaulate and be sure that your fascial plication has not loosened or hat you have a collection of luid.

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