I am 3 weeks post chin/neck smart lipo, my lower lip is not yet moving properly, and I have a dent in my chin. (photo)

I had Lipo April 11, I have been faithful on the garmets I have to wear, massage, and roller...my lower lip is not fully functional, and if I'm still my chin looks normal, but if I move, speak, try to smile I get a dime size indentation in my lower right side of my chin, on my face...should I b worried, they tell me 6 weeks to see improvement.

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Nerve injury 3 weeks after neck liposuction may improve

Thank you for your question.  You're still early in recovery and your nerve function that is causing your lip and chin dysfunction may recover with time.  Hopefully we'll see some recovery at 6 weeks.  If there is no recovery of 6 weeks you need to discuss the possibility of direct current electrical stimulation of the muscles with your plastic surgeon.

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