Bra Strap After Breast Augmentation Cause or Reduce Swelling?

Does it really help swelling or make you swell more? I was informed to wear it at night, but I noticed it helped the right breast and the left is still swollen not to mention sore now.

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Bra strap helps position implants and expand lower half of breast

There are many different bra straps and your photo does not adequately illustrate a "bra strap".

Traditionally, bra straps are used to encourage implants to settle in the bottom half of the breast especially in women who have small breasts preoperatively or have never nursed. During the day, gravity helps accomplish this goal but at night, gravity is eliminated and therefore the implants tend to move to the upper part of the breast which has least resistance. Use of the bra strap at night tends to keep them in the lower half of the breast.

The strap may contribute to limiting swelling in the upper halfo fo the breast making the lower portion look more swollen (relatively). If the strap is too tight, it can cause edema (swelling) in the lower half of the breast similar to the way a tight sock contributes to your ankle swelling.

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Not for swelling, to allow the implants to fall

Immediately after breast augmentation the implants tend to "ride high." This is the result of the pocket dissection and the muscle spams. I have my patients wear their bras with strap to help the implants fall faster. In addition the implants don't always fall correctly without help. The only thing that helps swelling is time. The swelling following breast augmentation is usually gone by 7-10 days after surgery.

So the long and short is that the strap doesn't cause swelling but may help the implants fall. There's no need to wear it after 3 weeks.

Bra strap after surgery


Honestly I am not sure it really matters.  I essentially tell most of my patients to just wear something comfortable.  If they are small they can choose to not wear anything.  If they are particularly big I might encourage them into a supportive garment a little sooner.

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You may have early capsular contracture

I can not tell for sure without examinning you, but from the picture you have high position of the left implant and what you feel is early sign of capsular contracture. You may notice that your right breast is softer and more mobile compare to the left side. Please go back to your doctor to examine you .

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It depends on the breast augmentation patient

Wearing a bra and different types of straps are used in each patient depending on the post surgical goal. Patient with tight lower breast pole might have more tendency for a high riding implant. I would place a strap on top of the breast in this patient and vice versa. Regarding swelling i do think it will affect swelling.

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A bra won't affect swelling. To me, the left breast inplant looks higher than the left. A bra may close the pocket and cause the implant to hang there. A band at the top will help the inplants drop into the pocket. Please check with your surgeon about what you are doing, as you may be hurting your outcome.


Bra Straps help position implants

The bra straps help position the implants while the tissues and implants are settling. They do not contribute to swelling. If fact, they may actually help reduce swelling. However, you should discuss any garment that you wear with your surgeon and follow his or her recommendations. Good luck.

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Bra Strap After Breast Augmentation

Thanks for your question -

There is some discussion regarding the effectiveness of massage or positioning garments (like the strap you are using). Most surgeons agree that they likely do not cause harm. It is unlikely that, if properly used, they are contributing to pain or swelling. Some surgeons utilize these tools with the concept that they may speed improvement in implant positioning.

If you're still within a few months of your surgery some of this swelling is normal and will continue to improve over time.

I hope this helps.

The bra isn't involved in swelling isues

Post operative bras are used to splint the implants lightly and for support and comfort. They don't reduce swelling and shouldn't accentuate it either. It is common for one side to be a bit more swollen than the other regardless of bras.

Upper pole straps are another issue. Please note that you don't have one. These are used occasionally to help reduce upper pole fullness and encourage implant settling.

No appliances after surgery

I do not use postoperative appliances.  If the operation is performed correctly, they are unnecessary.  They do have a tendency to cause discomfort, and I don't think they help.

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