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Filler Options for Under Eye Hollow Related to Prosthesis? (photo)

I'm exploring options to improve the look of my left eye. I was born with microphthalmia and have worn a series of scleral shells since infancy. I am happy with my current shell, which fits well and was crafted using digital iris-matching technology by a well regarded ocularist in CA. I've had a brow lift, and would like to address the deep under-eye trough. I've been advised that fat grafting is a good option for even, long-term results. What are related risks, costs, and recovery times? I'm 29.

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Under eye hollow correction

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Fat works fine as does Juvederm.  These are your best options.  Fat success is quite good in 2013.  Juvederm is very easy.   Juvederm is less costly.  For a simple improvement use Juvederm.  When you have time for surgery do fat.

My Best,  Dr C

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