5 Months Post Op, Boobs Are Far Apart, Droopy, and Deformed? (photo)

After initial surgery, 1 side full and nicely shaped, the other side was smaller and sagging skin. Had re-incision & dropped both implants this will fill in saggy skin on 1 & to level the other. Aft 5mo, both look awful. boobs are now far aprt, droppy, deformed shp. btm is all skins. impl buried so deep, it doesnt move. only the skins. Dr says I cant have the shape I had before, sugg drop 1cm more or breasts lift or replace with bigger imp. Full charged price. I dont want more scars nor have the funds.

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5 Months Post Op, Boobs Are Far Apart, Droopy, and Deformed?

Sorry for your issues. But you owe yourself to have ONLY IN PERSON evaluations. Over the internet very hard to advise. I believe a full lift could achieve a more acceptable result. 

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Bad outcome from BAM


I am not exactly sure what is going on with you here, but you need to stop with this surgeon, and get a second opinion.  Helpful would be some pre-op and interim photos.  The implant position looks about symmetrical, but too low as it is (see especially 2nd from left).
You have ptosis and I don't know how the surgery affected this.

It is easy to get emotional about a "bad" outcome, but we don't have enough information to understand how we came to this point, so, I think a second opinion would be in order.

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Breast implants

If your implants move and are soft, then you need a lift. Sometimes one can get that appearance with a capsular contracture. So if your implant is not mobile, and his hard, then removing the scar capsules is needed, but you may or may not still need a breast lift. If you had significant sagging prior to the implants, then this can persist, requiring a lift.

Good luck.

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Droopiness After Breast Augmentation #breastimplants

You are in a pickle. Without examining you I can not be exact but from the looks of your photos you need a wise pattern mastopexy and possible capsule work. I would not drop your implants anymore. Your one photo looks like the implant is well below your original fold and that is not the answer to drooping or ptosis of the breasts. You need the breast lifted up to be in harmony with the implant itself. I would guess you will not get the look you want without a breast lift and that is just being honest. Again, it is hard to see from your photos but based on what information you are telling me, you need a breast lift.

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You need a lift

Basically, you needed a breast lift before and for whatever reason, you did not have it. Placement of implants cannot ever replace the need for a breast lift, no matter how big the implant is. You need a full lift or mastopexy. See some board certified plastic surgeons. I am not sure the reason for not having a lift in the first place. Perhaps you didn't want the additional scars, but this is what can happen. 

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Droopiness after a breast augmentation

Your situation illustrates a classic dilemma.

Many surgeons would suggest you have a breast lift and placement of an implant (if a larger size is desired).  In your case I would opt for a Wise pattern rather than a Benelli or lollipop type (not powerful enough).

Patients often don't want to hear this.  So they opt to have surgery with somebody whose plan does not include the scars of a lift, or insist on having just an implant.

Now a lift was necessary after all, and the patient is facing a second surgery and added expense.  

Perhaps your surgeon is willing to do the lift for a reduced fee given your hardship.  

Most doctors, including many who post frequently on RealSelf, will go to great lengths to keep their patients happy.


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Breasts Droopy After Breast Augmentation

     The look of the breasts can be improved with a breast lift, while lowering the implants will likely cause additional problems.  An exam would be necessary to determine what is best.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Boobs Are Far Apart, Droopy, and Deformed?

Thanks for your question and for the photos posted.

As I see it from these photos, you need a breast lift to correct this. The problem is not just that the nipples are too low, but that the entire breasts are sagging, and appear to be hanging off the implants, which seem to be properly placed (although the correct photo to tell this from would be a straight frontal view with your arms at your sides). Lowering the implants and increasing their size will not, in my opinion, correct the problem here.

Discuss carefully with your surgeon before proceeding with any plan that does not include a lift. Best wishes.


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