I want to try Laser Liposuction but ​I'm afraid of a terminal illness is doing the surgery instead a better option? (photo)

I am 19 years of age ; I do struggle a lot with my tummy , I do go to the gym , I but weight keeps on fluctuating I lost a lot of weight once by dieting but after I stopped I gained a lot of weight back I really want to get rid of the excess fat on my tummy and to get a waist size 26 or 28 from 33that I have now

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I would suggest finding a good diet and exercise program for life that you can do to manage your weight issues.  Liposuction will remove a collection of fat, but is not a weight loss procedure and will not control future weight gain. I am not certain of your terminal illness question. You may also want to be checked for food allergies. eating wrong foods, food you are allergic to, can make weight loss very difficult.

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Laser liposuction and options

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Although, laser liposuction is a good treatment to aid in the removal of areas of excess fat,  no liposuction is a substitute for a good diet and exercise program.  I would suggest you get back on a reasonable diet and exercise program you can stay on, indefinitely.  Then, if you have problem areas of fat you may consider options such as laser liposuction.  best wishes Dr Lepore.

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
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