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Is There an Operation or Anything to Reduce Lip Length? and Chin Length?

Just I Want to Ask is There is Operation or Anything to Reduce Lip Length? and  Chin Length? Is this considered Macrostomia? 

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A lip lift can reduce the length of your upper lip


A lip lift requires incisions below your nostrils to remove skin and possibly muscle to lift the upper lip.  It requires incisions on the skin on the face, and there is the associated risk of a scarring.  Sometimes adding volume to the lip with a filler can create an illusion of a shorter upper lip.  I will commonly offer this as an non-surgical option.  

The chin length can be shortened.  It may require breaking part of the jaw bone and resetting it to make it smaller.  

This is not considered macrostomia.  Macrostomia means large mouth.  

Always consult a qualified physician before undergoing a procedure.  

I hope you found this helpful.

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Lip / Chin Reduction


If you are asking about reducing the height of the upper lip, a lip lift can be performed to accomplish that.  The length of the chin can also be reduced, but this is a little bit more involved.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can assist you achieving the results you desire.

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