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Are PIP Implants Still Available?

I Want to Ask About Pip Cmpony Implant Theystill Are Still  in the Market ?

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PIP Implants No Longer Available - About Time


PIP implants have been taken off the market and company our of business as their silicone gel implants were an inferior product. They were recalled as they did not use medical grade silicone and had inferior manufacturing processes of the shell making it more likely to leak.
Few if any used PIP implants in the United States were used by board certified plastic surgeons, nor were they FDA approved for USA.

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PIP implants not available in the US


PIP implants are no longer available and as far I know the company has gone out of business.   PIP never sold gel filled implants in the US but they were available in Europe and South America.   There has been some question about the use of non-medical grade silicone in the implants.  

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants - Are PIP Implants Still Available?


My understanding is that the silicone gel implants were made (recently, though not always) with a non-medical grade silicone gel and that the company has declared bankruptcy.  It is possible that you can still find their implants but I don't know that I would advise that.  In the United States, Mentor and Allergan are the two companies that provide the implants with FDA approval, and I would generally advise that you opt for implants from one of those companies.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

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New York Plastic Surgeon
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PIP Implants Not Available in U.S.


THe PIP saline breast implants were taken off the market in the United States.  They had a high leak rate.  The PIP silicone implants were not approved in the United States.

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PIP implants?


Thank you for the question.

PIP implants  are no longer available. Most  plastic surgeons in the United States use implants made by the Mentor and Allergan corporations.

Best wishes.

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Are PIP Implants Still Available?


The French company producing PIP implants filed for bankruptcy and several of its officers are being sued. Their saline implants (along with Hutchinson, an Irish produced implant) were briefly sold in the US as a much cheaper alternative to mentor and Inamed (the old name for Natrelle)implants. The implants were poorly made and were popular with some bargain basement practices where they proved to be very problematic in a huge rate of leaks and rippling.  Unless you had implants in Europe, you could not have legally had a PIP silicone gel implant placed in the US. 

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PIP silicone implants


PIP silicone implants were never available in the US and they have had  many problems in Europe. The saline implants were available for a short time in the US, but are no longer.

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Breast Implant Safety


PIP implants are no longer available.  With the PIP saline implants, there were problems with significant palpable and visible rippling.  There were also reported very early deflation rates.  Fortunately,  much better options available today!

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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PIP Breast Implants


PIP breast implants should no longer be available. Their saline implants seemed to have early deflations while their silicone gel implants had non-medical grade silicone.

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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PIP Implants have been removed from the market


As far as I know PIP Silicone implants were never available in the United States however their saline implants were indeed available previously here. Neither type is currently available. In France you may have read about the controversy with France actually agreeing to pay for the removal of these implants in 30000 people. See the blog entry below I referenced about these implants that I wrote just yesterday...

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