I Want to Get Larger Implants, Plus Reduce the Size of my Areolas. Should the Procedure Be Staggered? (photo)

In 2008 I got 450cc high profile silicone implants placed over the muscle of my tubular breast. My areolas stretched even larger and scarred and I am self concious about the size and location of my areolas. I now want to get around 550cc or 600cc implants so I am curious as to if I need to stager the procedures/ and if it is possible to raise the placement of my areolas. Thanks!

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Larger Breast Size with Areola Reduction


Thank you for the question and photo.

Although it is possible to have both procedures performed at the same time, it may in your best interest to stage the procedures to reduce the chance of areola spreading (as you have experienced before).  The first stage would be to increase the breast size and once things have healed proceed with areola reduction.

I hope this helps.

Web reference: http://www.poustiplasticsurgery.com/Procedures/procedure_revisionarybreastsurgery.htm

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I Want to Get Larger Implants, Plus Reduce the Size of my Areolas. Should the Procedure Be Staggered?


Even with the one posted photo very hard to advise. I might agree to consider increasing the size first to see if the areolae enlarge from the increased implant size. Than try an areo;ae reduction with purse string suture technique. Best to seek a few in person evaluations from boarded PSs in your city. 

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Either option is fine but staging your procedures would provide highest likelihood of an ideal result.

Hello, Although both procedures could be done at the same time, staging your procedures would increase the likelihood of an ideal result. Bigger implants will increase the tension on your areolas but more importantly your breasts will chnage in the months following your implant exchange. With this occurring your areola position may change as well.

Web reference: http://aaaplasticsurgery.com

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Breast Implant Revision


You have a nice results, considering you had tubular brests. Your breasts look somehow ptotic (saggy) which could improve by exchanging to larger implants. 550 or 600 would be appropriate implants. Best results could be achieved by staging the operation. The second stage surgery could be performed at least 6 months after the exchange of implants. In this stage a " donut " mastopexy or areolar reduction could reduce the size of your areolars while  giving some lifts to your breasts.

Web reference: http://www.mahjouricosmeticsurgery.com

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Combined lift and implant revision


An exam would be helpful to determine the optimal plan for you...assess the laxity of your skin as well as the amount of nipple elevation that you desire...I agree that doing this in two stages is the most conservative approach given your past history, but it is possible to do this all at once...discuss these issues with your plastic surgeon at your consultation.

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Re-augmentation and areolar reduction



It is usually a one stage process, and does not require two separate surgeries.  You also stated your desire to reposition as well as reduce your areolar diameter. There are a lot of competing changes that you want to occur, most notably the size increase. I think that a circumareolar lift will not be suitable for you for two reasons. The first is that even with a permanent 'purse string' stitch containing the areolar diameter, with time and excessive tension the diameter of your areola will expand.  This happens 100% of the time, and the more tension on the purse string, the more it will expand.  The other reason is your nipple position has a long way up to go, and circumareolar lifts do not do this well.  Given these two issues, you should have a more conventional lift which will give you finer scars, more elevated nipples, smaller areolae, and better overall breast shape.

Best of luck.

Web reference: http://www.drminniti.com

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I Want to Get Larger Implants, Plus Reduce the Size of my Areolas.


Thanks for the question and for including a photo. If your areolas enlarged after a Benelli areola reduction I think possibly the surgeon used a dissolving suture, as that rarely happens to one let alone both areolas when permanent sutures are placed. It would be a good idea for you to call the doctor's office and request a copy of your operative note before seeing another doctor.

Narrowing the areola first and then placing larger implants later would be the most conservative approach and leave you with the best chance at the final result you are looking for.

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Conflict between bigger implants and smaller areolas


Bigger implants will put more stretching forces to the breast and makes shrinking the areolas harder to do.  Also, you look like you could potentially use more than just a periareolar lift.  Please seek some consultations to sort this out.

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