Should I Wait Till I Have Kids to Get Breast Implants?

I am 20 yrs old. 5'5. 113 lbs. I wear a 32/34 A or AA. I have always had tiny boobs. I did weigh 105 and gained 15 lbs and my boobs didn't get any bigger. I don't plan on having kids till I am about 26. So my question is would it be better to wait to get breast implants after I am done having kids or get them now. I dont want to have a big change in my breast after having kids and having breast implants. But if it wouldn't make a huge difference I wouldn't mind getting them now to enjoy

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Breast Augmentation Possible Prior to Pregnancy

For procedures like tummy tuck or breast lift surgery, I often recommend for patients to wait until they are finished having children since pregnancy can affect results. For breast augmentation, many patients undergo this procedure prior to having children but it is important for patients to have reached physical maturity before deciding on surgery. It is difficult to determine how pregnancy will affect your body with or without breast implants, but your implants should not prevent you from having children or breastfeeding. Discuss your breast augmentation options with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine a proper plan for your lifestyle and goals.

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Up to you

You can get your implants now, however it's hard to say how your breasts will change exactly after you've had kids. Generally speaking, women find that their breasts (with or without implants) tend to get saggier. The implants will accelerate the rate at which they sag. Sagging breasts can be made perky again with a breast lift. 

Go for it!

It is fine for you to consider breast augmentation given your goals and plans.  Please start with a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Best wishes.

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Breast implants and pregnancy

It is perfectly reasonable to consider breast implants now if you are six years from wanting to have kids.  We usually counsel patients who are attempting to get pregnant that it might be best to wait until after the pregnancy.

Implants before or after having children

Having the implants now would be completely reasonable. I tell my patients that if they have immediate plans to have children (within a year), then it makes sense to wait. But if your plans are 6 years down the road, I would suggest proceeding with the surgery now. I would suggest considering a conservative sized implant to avoid causing a significant stress on your breast skin. 

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Breast implants and timing of surgery

It is really up to you when to decide to have breast implants. It is certainly fine to do it now if you are not planning on having kids in the very near future.

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Age for breast implants

You should have breast implants when YOU want them.   Age 20 is fine.  If you want to wait till after kids that is fine.   If you want them now that is fine.  After kids you may or may not need some minor adjustment.  This is a personal decision and not a medical one.  My Best,  Dr C

Breast Implants and Pregnancy?

Thank you for the question.  When I see patients in consultation, I suggest that  (if pregnancies are planned in the near future)  that they wait on having breast augmentation surgery. However, if pregnancies are planned in the distant future, patients may have a significant amount of time to “enjoy” the results of the procedure.

There is no way of knowing exactly how a specific patient's breasts will change with pregnancy. Sometimes a look at “genetics” to see how your mom's breasts changed with pregnancy may be helpful. Maintaining a healthy/stable weight during pregnancy ( preventing severe weight fluctuation)  may be helpful as well.

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Breast implants and kids

hi shelby,

thanks for the question. generally, the implants will not make a difference in terms of when you get them. I have plenty of patients with implants who went on to have kids and even breast feed them. You should know that pregnancy can cause changes in your body after delivery, such as loose skin, stretch marks, changes in breast size as well as sagging. This may result in needing additional surgery. 
Furthermore, since you are still young, you should be prepared to have your saline ( you are under 22 years old ) implants changed at least once in your lifetime, if not more. Breast implants do last a very long time, but not forever. 

best to you. 

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Go ahead and get them.

Patients ask this question a lot.  Unless you are already in a committed relationship and actively trying to get pregnant, it may be longer than you anticipate before you actually are pregant.  If you are trying to get PG, than wait.  Otherwise, go ahead.  They can help with self esteem and as long as you don't gain more than the recommended 25 to 30 lbs in pregnancy, most breasts will still look good after pregancy (provided they were not already drooping prior to pregancy.)    Also, while this is controversial, I recommend not breast feeding for longer than 6 months after pregnancy,

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